Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mercedes Goes Tech-savvy: Robot Technology in E Class

New vehicles have a tendency to lose their esteem as they roll out with the dealership, and they may begin losing it significantly quicker now that technology has become a perishable characteristic which takes up such an extensive amount of the brand value.

A valid example is the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz E class, which will have preferably more mechanical flair than today's exquisite S-Class. That is similar to stating that 2016’s Chevrolet will have a greater amount of what you value the most in a luxurious vehicle, than the current year's Cadillac.

The E Class will have the capacity to stick to its lane, drive itself through dim tunnels and roll out lane improvements, all at paces up to 130 kilometers for every hour (80 mph)... faster than the S Class now can do. It will likewise take twists and turns in the streets and narrow roads, however sharp turns are out for the moment. Furthermore, if the driver swerves to miss an obstacle, the auto-framework will venture into adjustment of the swerve and take care of it thereafter.

Each of these tech-savvy initiatives are pushing lawful limits, Mercedes and other prestigious car-makers are trying their best to abstain from going over them. The 2014 Mercedes S Class presented the thought of having a bell sound when the driver's hands are off the wheel for too long. Tesla, as of late, declared that drivers would need to trigger automatic lane-changing in the upcoming auto-pilot system.

In what manner can the business pile on new innovation without debasing autos from the past model year? This can turn out to be an important question seeking a genuine answer.
Well, the typical course of action would be to present an oddity in a top-end car and eventually let it stream down to less exalted models, yet today's fast and technology-driven world doesn't permit such studied slowness.

You may think that the auto manufacturing organizations can do just what the software programming industry has done, building stacked packages for the high-end and purposely debilitating odds so as to make "lighter” packages for the lower end. In any case, that'll be a hard offer for car automation on the grounds that it’s being majorly considered for its safety features.

On the other hand, manufacturers could focus on upgrading luxury cars with all the new robotic knick-knacks they offer on the lower-valued models. Be that as it may, if the upgrading goes beyond the software to incorporate the establishment of better sensors, it could wind up costing a lot of money.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Change of Initials: Merc’s SUV Gets A New Name

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz lately uncovered the super successful ML-Class SUV replacement in the international markets? To your surprise, the ML-Class ain’t ML anymore.
Its known as the GLE Class now!

Apart from the change of the name, there are certain attributes of this beastly car that get highlighted as the most significant changes in this new series.

Some of the major attributes of the GLE Class are mentioned below:
  • Ravishing S-Class inspired swept-back headlamps
  • Integrated daytime-running LED tail lamps
  • Re-modelled bumpers
  • A handsome bonnet and grille
  • Redesigned exhaust resembling GL unit

The Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV will adapt to a couple of Petrol and Diesel options, as borrowed from the outgoing model (ML-Class). Talking about the diesel models, it will comprise of the same 204bhp and 480 Nm 2.1 litre 4 pot motor that is the heart of the ML250 CDI and the 254 bhp and 620 Nm 2.1 litre V6 unit as seen in the ML 350 CDI. Both of these engines will come paired along with a 9 speed auto as standard. Moreover, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will be optional on the lower version, but a standard on the V6.

Mercedes will also launch a new plug-in hybrid variant. Termed as the GLE500e 4MATIC, this beast of a machine will feature a 325 bhp generating 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine that sends power to all 4 wheels, working in tandem with a 113 bhp electric motor with a seven-speed automatic suspension.

Mercedes also showcased a couple of twin turbo petrol motors, but it seems that they are going to take a while to get showcased in India.There’s the 3.0 litre V6 that generates around 430 bhp and 700Nm. Both will come with an all-wheel drive and a seven-speed auto as standard.

The Exquisite Interiors

Talking about the interiors, they have been revamped quite nicely.There is a floating seven inch screen along with a redesigned centre console that houses COMAND controller and a touchpad. Moreover, other regular stuff like collision prevention, parking aid pack with a 360° cam and active park assist, dynamic select controller etc. add on to its overall magnificence.

So, before you choose among the different luxurious SUV options you’ve got, don’t forget to include the all new Mercedes-Benz GLE Class as it’s something that will surely catch your sight at the first glimpse of this mean machine. Forget about the terrain as it’s time for you to burn some rubber.

Whether it’s style, luxury or power, Mercedes-Benz GLE Class have got all of it. Therefore, if you are looking out
for a pre-owned Mercedes car you might as well get some good quotations from the various luxurious car dealers around.